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Live 1970 s

Kristofferson Live 1970 s

Kris Kristofferson’s first album, released as Kristofferson in 1970, then as Me & Bobby McGee in 1971, is still on sale today. Many songs have become standards & recorded by artists as diverse as Elvis Presley & Janis Joplin.  Having listened to these tracks for years, I wanted to see him perform them.

I was just a child when I bought that first LP, it was meant as a gift for my Dad but there was something about the songs, lyrics & honesty in the music that gripped me then & never let go. Music was slow to reach sanctioned South Africa back then, & after starting work a large portion of my salary was spent importing records from dealers in the USA via a record bar in Durban, Manhattan Music.  My buddy Doreen loaned me a few bucks  (after telling me I was crazy!) when I underestimated the postage costs, & my stash grew.

I bought up every record that Kris made, & then every CD, & then every DVD. After relocating back to to the UK  I was finally able to see him perform live.  I traipsed from London, to Castle Bar – Glasgow to Edinburgh, Birmingham to Manchester. He spoke to me from the stage, politely signed my DVDs despite the “no autograph” policy, & I learnt what a real gentleman he is first hand.

Of all the DVDs I have seen, there is precious little video footage of his early years.  I have combed everywhere & watched everything I have been able to find, but there has always been a gap in original Kris Kristofferson live 1970 s material.  Hard to imagine why as the music from the era has endured through time, it seemed odd that video was so scarce.

I was delighted to discover this footage last week  & played it expecting  a replay of a poor quality video that I had seen before .   What I saw & heard blew me away!  I just  couldn’t believe the quality & the sound of the work, & finally got to see Kris play those old tunes around the time he recorded them.

Having spoken to the copyright holder I can now share this with you, & hope that watching this early broadcast from the time of that first album brings you the same pleasure. If you haven’t already seen it, you are in for a real treat, &  I hope you enjoy it like I do.

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Many thanks to KCET  for granting permission for me to share this KCET vintage session, presented by Artbound Studio A with other fans out there.

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