Kris Kristofferson’s musical career really started happening towards the end of the 1970s. He had other careers which are well-known, & touched on here. Like most successes in life, it never did happen overnight. Experiences during this era influenced Kris’ work for much of the time that followed.

Kris & Janis

Kris & Janis 1970

Kris & Janis Joplin : Janis & Kris Kris & Janis (Joplin) -  or was it Janis & Kris (Kristofferson) ...
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Janis,Kris & friends 1979

Janis Ian with Kris, Kenny Loggins & Robert Klein.  What a tweet! I forgot what a great artist Janis Ian ...
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Sabre and the Rose

Sabre and the Rose About an enigmatic song, an enigmatic dog & my little girl Sabre & the Rose wasn't ...
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Kristofferson Live 1970 on stage – High Quality Video

Kristofferson Live 1970 s Kris Kristofferson's first album, released as Kristofferson in 1970, then as Me & Bobby McGee in ...
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Why Me – the story

Why Me, also commonly known as Why Me, Lord was recorded in June, 1972, & certified gold by the Recording Industry Association ...
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Me and Bobby McGee

Me and Bobby McGee : My first Kristofferson LP Me and Bobby McGee was the first Kristofferson LP record I ever ...
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