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In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Trouble in Mind – Kristofferson Film Review

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Released in 1985 according to some sources, but it was never widely promoted in theatres. Aventure movie set in the near future. Troubled cop Hawk (Kristofferson) is released from prison and sets out to make amends by helping a couple who find themselves in deep water with a hardy criminal element.

Judy Blackburn reminded fans of this unusual movie when she posted a note about it in our Fan Group. It sparked a lot of interest and prompted some fans to watch it for the first time, others to watch it again – and some to take a stroll down memory lane.

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Trouble in Mind – Kristofferson Film 1985/6

By B Livieri

Thanks to Judy for sharing this one. I hadn’t seen it before, at least I don’t remember seeing it. Came out in December of 1985, judging by the Box Office Gross listing on IMDB, it went straight to video after the first night. So probably early to mid-1986 in video stores or your HBO’s or Showtimes on cable.

I wasn’t too enthused in the beginning (I peeked at IMDB after he got out of prison). When I saw it was a “futuristic” kind of movie, I immediately damned it. Then I read some of the reviews and most of them were excellent. I thought, “well hell, it’s Friday, I’ll watch it through. See if it can redeem itself.” I’m glad I did.

Definitely a noir film as Emily said, neo-noir I guess they call it. A very strange one at that. And yes, Daniel, not for the extreme ‘me too’ woman I’m afraid. That incident in the beginning I thought would turn out bad. It was only mildly icky. I certainly didn’t want to hate Kris’ character (had she not given in I would have). He turned out to be just a frustrated good guy.

I think that they developed the characters very well in this film. You definitely feel something for most of them. Even the dude with the bad toupee.I really cared about the main characters and I like that in a movie. It was quirky and strange and maybe not so futuristic, but rather an alternative of what could be in 1985, maybe even today?

I think its worth the time to watch. If nothing else, Kris does look good here. And geez, can he charm with just a few looks. God… You’ll excuse me, I have to go stick my head in the freezer again…

Additional Facts

  • Keep an eye out for Kris’ daughter Tracy in the party scene!)
  • Trouble in Mind was also released as Wandas Cafe

E R Bowles saw the movie listed on YouTube & said,

Part of the movie was filmed in the 509 Tavern on 15th Avenue East (in Seattle). Several Five-Oh regulars were featured in the film, including Francis “Frank” Diamond, who played “Diamond”, and James “Jim” Fulgium, who played “Flip”. The 509 was a new wave/punk rock/scooter club tavern. I hosted their Monday night open mic for a year, which is how I met my fabulous, late, ex-wife. The Five-Oh was a great second home, and we regulars were really glad when it was used in this odd little film.

E R Bowles

Available on Amazon UK/Prime AKA Wanda’s Cafe

Robert Powell “A Lost Gem”

Kris has done some amazing films over the years…this is one of my favourites. It came out well after his mega Hollywood period. It’s quirky, dark,.moving and funny. Marianne Faithful sings the title track., Keith Carradine and Divine appear in it. An amazing., totally underrated film. If it came out now. it would be garlanded with awards and Kris would be up for an Oscar nomination. A lost gem.

Fan Thoughts

Watched this years ago. Kinda like it was made before its time. Seems a bit like how the world is today. Kris gave a great performance, I enjoyed it. I like the different views of all in this group. I loved that he drove off with Lori Singer at the end of the movie. And the changes Kieth went thru? Well, they reminded me of someone I once knew. I enjoyed watching it again. And Kris looked as Handsome as always. He played a completely different role. He pulled it together well! The movie has 2 names, Trouble In Mind, and I think the other was The Hawk. – Judy Blackburn

Loved this quirky film…a bit of noir, I’d say, or some form of film noir, but I’m no movie critic. The metamorphosis of Keith Carradine’s character was mesmerizing. Emily Gmitter

Off beat but very interesting film and I always felt Kris gave a terrific performance – Steve Rutsch

Did not realize I would be treated to a movie tonight thank you, Judy. I remember the talk that Devine was going to be a star. I don’t think he made it. O! Gosh he died. The 80’s were good to Kristofferson the leading man. Turn your head away, #Metoo movement. Good performances. In Cisco Pike, Kris drives away without the girl, in this one he drives away with the girl nice shot. El Gavilan nice touch – Daniel Hoyt

I’m a huge fan of writer-director Alan Rudolph very much includes this flic and another with Kris – as well as more with Keith. Alan Rudolph was very much IMO a compellingly quirky writer-director–an Altman protege who didn’t make mainstream blockbuster flics with big budgets for big audiences – Mark Headley


1 thought on “Trouble in Mind – Kristofferson Film Review

  1. Although I have had this 25th anniversary edition since it came out, I had never gotten around to watching it. It is not really my kind of film. Then somehow I stumbled across the soundtrack and Marianne Faithfull’s soaring rendition of Kris’s song “El Gavilan”, so last night I watched it. OMG!! I absolutely loved it. I thought Kris was incredible in the film — a neo-noir hero in great threads and a cool haircut who actually was a romantic knight in shining armor rescuing damsels in distress He had gone to prison for rescuing Wanda 8 years earlier and now he was trying to rescue Georgia, fully believing that with his luck she would ultimately end up back with her loser boyfriend, but he did it anyway because it was the right thing to do. Does that sound like our guy — that same guy who repeatedly stood up for his beliefs regardless of cost. I bristle somewhat at the position of the “Me, too” contingent. There’s an element of misjudgment there, I think. Wanda goes out of her way to help Hawk find new love. If she cares so damned much about him and his happiness, why did she give him such a hard time at the beginning? And close to the shootout, even as she urged him to get out and make a new life, she indicated that she might be willing to leave with him, but that she knew he was in love with Georgia. I thought Kris was absolutely endearing in the role. His plaintive “I AM home; I live upstairs” when Georgia comes roaring out of her trailer and yells at him to go home, his playful flirtation outside in the rain trying to get her to go out with him, and the sweetness of the scene in which he is in a total nervous twitch waiting until it’s time for his date are wonderful. Now that I’ve seen it, I plan to watch it again and again, if only to see that slowly dawning smile of sheer happiness on his face as he drives off into the sunset with the girl.

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