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Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Tell Kris and Willie

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Peter Sinclair

Tell Kris and Willie is a song. It’s a good one, written by a 16 year old young man from Texas. We asked Peter to tell us a bit about how it happened.

If you could tell Kris Kristofferson anything for real, what would it be?

I would thank him for being such a pioneer in music, and paving a way for generations of songwriters and musicians in the future. 

These are the words of an up & coming talented singer-songwriter from Texas, Peter Sinclair. The 16-year-old sounds more 60-year-old sometimes. His song is called,

Tell Kris and Willie

Tell Kris and Willie

We asked him to tell us some things

What’s your full name? 

Peter Archibald Dylan Wallace Sinclair 

Date of Birth?

17 January 2002


Wortham TX (Blues legend “Blind” Lemon Jefferson was from there too.)

Your first song is making quite an impact. When was it recorded?

Sept 11th 2018

What made you write it?

There have been many songs written about Hank Williams Sr. I believe that The Highwaymen do not get the full credit they deserved, and I thought it was time that someone write a song to commemorate The Highwaymen.

Who IS your favourite Highwaymen?

Johnny Cash

Which instruments do you play?

Guitar, piano, drums, autoharp, saxophone, bass guitar – Guitar is by far my favorite.

The song is quite traditional for a young person.  What got you into the Americana sound?

I’ve always found inspiration with The Highwaymen, and especially the members in their solo careers.


Tell Kris and Willie – Song Facts

  • Peter Sinclair plays all the instruments on the song except for the steel guitar
  • The song is getting quite a lot of airplay on local radio stations
  • Peter Sinclair has a great respect for all the legends – Dead or Alive. He …
  • Tries to capture more of an old style sound – feels younger musicians are not doing this today

What is the song about?

It’s a story about a musician that has just left Oklahoma after doing some gigs. He has a blowout in his bus as he crosses the Oklahoma Texas border. He gets out of the bus to check the damage. A stranger appears out of the darkness – The black-bearded stranger (Waylon Jennings) tells the Young Musician to convey a message to Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson.

& What is this message? It’s a simple one. Just that,

Johnny’s (Johnny Cash) doing OK

Each of the Highwaymen is popular with younger people. Boris has a Johnny Cash tattoo. He has been a veteran Kristofferson fan since his schooldays.



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