May 7, 2021

Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Tally Ho Tavern

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Tally Ho Tavern Country Corner

I took myself down to the Tally-Ho Tavern to buy me a bottle of beer
I sat me down by a tender young maiden whose eyes were as dark as her hair
And as I was searchin’ from bottle to bottle for somethin’ unfoolish to say
That silver tongued devil just slipped from the shadows and smilingly stole her away

Kris Kristofferson – The Silver Tongued Devil & I

Steve Rutsch provided the photograph of this Historical site. He added some thoughts.

This is a photo of the Tally Ho Tavern. It was the Country Corner at that time. Sadly, long gone and no marker to indicate the sight. I took a very similar picture in 1973 when visiting Nashville.

Peter Cooper from the Tennessean weighed in. 

On Music Row, they destroyed the Tally Ho Tavern where Kris Kristofferson tended bar, and the Combine Music Publishing building where so many enduring classics were written. Most historic spots here are gone or changed beyond recognition.

The Tally Ho Tavern lives on in Kris’ songs, and in the hearts of his fans. It’s the place where he battled his demons, traded his early right to a traditional family life to chase his dreams, and waited for the bar to open on a Sunday. He drowned his sorrows and conversed with the man in the mirror, and that old man at the bar. 

The result was music History. Kris heavyweight debut and follow up albums made music history. The 1970s changed the perception of country music forver. 

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2 thoughts on “Tally Ho Tavern

  1. I used to go to a bar up on music row called the Country Corner.
    I heard Kristofferson tended bar there for a woman named Glenda.
    Tally Ho Tavern doesn’t sound like anything I ever saw up on Music Row.
    I think he made up the name for the alliterative effect.
    John C. Anderson
    one who walked the streets of Music row
    year ago.

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