May 18, 2024

Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Outlaws and Legends

Outlaws and Legends is an annual outdoor event held in Abilene, Texas. The event raises funds for the Ben Richey Boys Ranch, a non-profit that benefits children (boys) and young families.

The 9th concert took place on March 22-23, 2019, with Kris Kristofferson and the Strangers headlining. The event has grown every year and raised a lot of money for charity since its inception. The organisers aim to preserve the “family outing” vibe despite attracting ever-larger crowds.

Soundcheck and Concert Pics

© C Roshkind

Outlaws or Legends? – Kris Kristofferson and the Strangers

Kris Kristofferson himself wasn’t available for comment. His under-reported but unrelenting charity work make him more legend than outlaw with many of his fans these days – But we won’t tell. The Strangers are keeping up the trend.

Scott Joss

The kind and charming Scott Joss posted this in his fan group after the event.

Judy and I are sitting in DFW waiting on a plane to take us back to California after a great show at the Outlaws and Legends Festival in Abilene, TX. Kris was the headliner for the Saturday (and final) night. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…getting to play these great songs with this group of unique characters is quite the experience…I just keep asking myself “Why me, Lord?

Scott Joss, songwriter, recording artist and fiddler in the Strangers

The Strangers

The Strangers have been backing Kris since country music lost Merle Haggard. The band attracted a lot of attention across the pond when the toured Europe with Kris in 2018, and many are looking forward to seeing them again in 2019.

They have proven to be huge individual talents in their right, as well as providing an awesome backing for Kris on stage. Sooooo

There are many reasons why we can’t wait to see them again, either. Talent, humility and generosity mean there’s a lot to love.

Just Be-cause

According to the festival site, $315,796 in funding has been granted to the Ben Richey Boys Ranch & Family Program through this festival. Seriously, isn’t that really what life is (or should be) all about?

Outlaws, Legends and Friends

Kris Kristofferson and the Strangers were in great company. Check out the artist line up here

Join me in wondering who Scott was talking about when he added,

We got to see some familiar faces and met a lot of new friends… there are some great folks here in Texas. I’ve always enjoyed playin’ here and can’t wait to come back!

Scott Joss


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