April 14, 2024

Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil


Inspired Kris Kristofferson Poetry circa 1980.

The energy of Kris’ performances at this time ensured that each & every gig was epic. It was the era of activism without compromise.

Emily Gmitter captures the essence of Kris Kristofferson in the ’80s – I am so glad she did. I never saw him back then. Experiencing his concerts through her eyes & ears is a great opportunity.


Holy Flame

We stood on the stoop where Kris stood,
Sang his songs and drank beer in his name.
The sun couldn’t rival the heat we were causing
As keepers of Kris’ holy flame.



Midnight All Day

You can hear all kinds of music,
Meet all kinds of folk,
You can bring your own food which Easy will heat
(That always helps when you’re broke).
You can bring your guitar or use one of theirs,
Order either one of their two kinds of beers,
You can sing, you can play, where it’s midnight all day,
Here at the Idle Hour

Nashvile Kristofferson Tribute


RainbowNashville Style

The scene was a large busy airport, the players were playing a tune,
The waiter was telling the players, how he’d be a big star real soon.
The players just smiled and kept playing,
But they knew the fire in his eyes.
Their hunger’s the same, in this musical game,
Dreams begging to be realized.
After each song they would talk some
Some would just listen and nod,
Each riff that was played, each note that was sung,
Bringing them closer to God.
And if ever God wanted to listen, now was a beautiful time,
Spirits ascending as voices were blending
Rising as one heart in rhyme.
And the daylight grew heavy with music
Sounds of the heart in the air
(spoken) I knew we will always remember, the gift Kris bestowed on us here.
And if the dreams of the players don’t ever come true,
If the fire in their eyes start to dim
They can still get together and together remember
(sung) The heart is all that matters …in…the…end


© Emily Gmitter -All rights reserved (words & pictures)

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Image is royalty free (Flame)


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