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Kris Kristofferson by Fans, for Fans

In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Kristofferson, Hagerstown 23 April 2019

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Maryland Theatre

Kristofferson, Hagerstown – The Maryland Theatre hosted Kris Kristofferson and The Strangers as part of the group’s 2019 tour.

Maryland Theatre

The Maryland Theatre seats 1,281 and hosts around 175 events every year. It’s a non-profit organization with a mission to “preserve, restore and maintain The Maryland Theatre as a historic property and to provide quality entertainment, educational offerings to the community at large.” The venue welcomes about 100,000 people every year – including over 5,000 volunteers and 12,000 local students. Source

Kris – in Concert with the Strangers

As beautiful as this historical building is, our fans had other things on their minds.

Let’s see what they brought back for us. We love reviews.

Andie Hellem

I just got home from the Kris Kristofferson concert in Hagerstown. Here are a few photos from the show.

Kris Kristofferson and Scott Joss (right) on stage Hagerstown 23 April 2019
Courtesy A Hellem Kris Kristofferson & Scott Joss Hagerstown 2019

The Best

It was one of the best I’ve heard in a while. Every concert is great, but tonight was really extra special. Kris was in tip-top shape and the band that is always magnificent was even better tonight.

Kris Kristofferson on stage Hagerstown 23 April 2019

Courtesy A Hellem – Kris Kristofferson Hagerstown 2019

Great sound – Superb Audience

Overheard …..

  • He was awesome last night! – Harriet West
  • Just got home from Kris’s concert at the Maryland Theatre in Hagerstown MD! What a great show! Kris was better than ever and “The Strangers” were awesome as well! What a great show! First time I’ve seen Kris with a full band behind him in years!! Of course, he’s great when he’s on his own as well BUT it was such a great show! I really wish I had gotten photos, but Andie got some good ones. I think Kris looks better than he has for a while – Not too bad for a guy in his 80s! – Loyd Hutchison

Were you at this concert? Anything to add?

Kris Kristofferson is in great form and having a wonderful time. What more can we ask for?

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Kris Kristofferson CD

Good Times

The smile that says it all.

Kris Kristofferson smiling from the stage in Hagerstown 23 April 2019

Courtesy A Hellem Kris Kristofferson Hagerstown 2019

Featured pic is CC & Attributed


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