Kris Kristofferson as President – Happy U.S President’s Day

by Barbara Livieri

You might not think of Kristofferson as president. He’s more Billy the Kid – outlaw to most of us.

Total up Texas Rising, Tad and Red Maple Leaf though, and you’ll find that Kris has certainly spent a lot of time in office.

The first president of the United States of America was George Washington. He held office for terms, covering 1789 – 1797. Washington is regarded by many as the father of the United States. He is one of the four presidents carved into the iconic Mount Rushmore.

George Washington’s was born 22 February. The celebration date was changed to the third Monday in February in 1971. This holiday has since been used to remember other past presidents. It is a holdiay in many parts of the USA.

Kris Kristofferson as President

Kris Kristofferson has played the role of three presidents in his movie career to date. One was fictitious, but a president nevertheless.

1) Andrew Jackson – Texas Rising (TV Mini-Series)
2) Abraham Lincoln – Tad (TV Movie)
3) John Francis Marshall – The Red Maple Leaf Movie

The featured image shows Kris in his role as Abraham Lincoln in the film Tad.

Featured image is from the film, and used under Fair Use. It serves to illustrate Kris Kristofferson playing the president in various roles.

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