Kristofferson 1972 at Lennies with Lorrie

Kris Kristofferson Donnie Stephen Bruton Terry Paul

Kris Kristofferson 1972 – Lennie’s on the Turnpike

Kris Kristofferson 1972 has much in common with Kris Kristofferson from any era.  A line of one of his songs is playing in my head as I write this, Time changes everything, but it won’t change me. I love you. 

Part of the Kris’ magic is the way his songs and sound are familiar yet unique – He somehow remains relevant within the music industry, and  in the world itself.

Kris Kristofferson & Lorrie Seng Kelley

Lorrie met Kris Kristofferson 1972

Lorrie Seng Kelley was introduced to music at a young age. She was only 12 when her Dad took her to Lennie Full name Lennie’s on the Turnpike.

She watched and listened to Kris Kristofferson play with & Donnie Fritz, Stephen Bruton & Terry Paul. 

Many years later, she is still an avid Kris Kristofferson fan. She has tickets to Kris’ gig next year. 

Kris Kristofferson Donnie Stephen Bruton Terry Paul

Lorrie tells her story

“My Dad took me to see him (Kris) at a nightclub – Lennie’s on the Turnpike in Danvers, MA. I am going to see him in PA next April and get an updated picture (hopefully). I am pretty sure he isn’t as easy to meet these days.”

Kris Kristofferson has certainly met many of his fans, and signed countless autographs over the years. It is true that he is harder to reach these days. He often tells us that the end of his gig takes him past his bedtime. We hope that Lorrie has the opportunity to get an updated picture, and if so, that this older one makes Kris smile, and remember his earlier days. 

Lorrie and Kristofferson 1972

Lorries photograph with Kris Kristofferson 1972 – Lennies on the Turnpike

Kristofferson 1972 with Lorrie


There’s more. We’ll let Lorrie tell it …

First …

Lorrie’s Autograph

kris Kristofferson 1972 autograph


“This is from the same night. I have Kris and all of the band’s autographs. My highlight of that night was being 12 years old and never kissed a boy, and have this man who I am crazy about kiss me right on my lips after taking the picture.  I tell everyone that my very first kiss was from Kris Kristofferson. My kids get sick of hearing it…lol!”

We wish Lorrie the best of luck at the upcoming gig, and hope that her kids grow up to become Kris Kristofferson fans in their own right. A lot of younger people have discovered the artist their own way – Either through their own parents, Kris’ causes and the charities he works hard to support or discovering a song they enjoy was written by the master himself.

Kris Kristofferson and Lennie’s

Kris performed at Lennies-on-the-Turnpike  back in time when we spoke more, & wrote less. I don’t know how many times Kris played here, but we know he did some sessions in 1971.

Kris was just starting out. He would become a legend in his lifetime. Lennie’s would be recognised as an iconic jazz mecca.

I have asked Lennie’s relatives if they has any more information. We’ve included a link to the copyrighted pic of a flyer from 1971 in the meantime. (Links back to where the owner posted it to comply with copyright laws) If anyone comes back to us, we’ll let you know.


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