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Kris & Janis

Kris & Janis Joplin : Janis & Kris

Kris & Janis Joplin –  or was it Janis & Kris (Kristofferson) ?  Whenever Kris sings Me & Bobby McGee, I always listen for the almost trademark …..”& Janis” that he often says after singing the final “feeling good was easy Lord while Bobby sang the blues, feeling good was good enough for me – & Janis….”

The clip I came across recently interested me.  I hadn’t heard it before, but found it endearing to note that Janis herself endorsed Kris Kristofferson back in 1970, when she was the star & Kris was an up & coming songwriter. Janis predicted that Kris would become famous, & I wanted to share my finding with you.

Threadgills was THE place in Austin in the 1960’s for folk music, hippies, & beatniks.  Wednesday night included singing sessions along with the beer, & the establishment became known for the culture of tolerance that grew from the ambience & the music.  Longhaired hippies & rough so-called rednecks managed to mix in peace & harmony, & it was a place of respect & tolerance.

Kenneth Threadgill sounds like just the right sort of person to have made a success of this club.  He was anti establishment, having been a bootlegger during prohibition, and is said to have been one of the first people to obtain a licence in Travis County after the law was repealed.

Janis was a long-standing friend of Threadgill, & it seems clear that she thought as much of him as he thought of her.

The audio to the video below was taken on 10 July 1970.

Janis had returned to Texas for Threadgill’s birthday celebration from Hawaii following a gruelling month of touring. On her return to Texas she kept her head down, but she came out of hibernation to sing for Threadgill in front of a crowd of about 8000 who turned out for his birthday. Janis is said to have presented the birthday boy with a thing she picked up in Hawaii that she knew he’d like, “a good lei!” – & she put the flowers around his neck.

This incident, as small as it is, seems to illustrate the love that existed between many of the artists & patrons of the era.

Please note the video is not of the actual audio.  It is likely that no video of this event exists, but that doesn’t detract from the enjoyment of the moment.

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