Scott Joss – How Far to Jordan

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  1. Bill says:

    Scott is one very talented person. We got to see him with Merle, many times. He always took time to visit with us.

    • Donna Clarke says:

      Hi Bill, thank you for the smile. I’ll pass this on to Lisa and Carol – and I know that Scott will enjoy the great feedback. D

    • Lisa says:

      WE love Scott too!!! Come visit us at his fan page on Facebook – Scott Joss Fan Appreciation Group! It’s Scott’s official page and he pops in quite frequently and I know he reads all the comments and enjoys reconnecting with those who have been faithful fans for so many years.

  2. Ronnie Burnett says:

    Love it brother Scott, been a fan for years and this work captures the real you! Thanks for the love that you have put into this cd! It shows!

    • Donna Clarke says:

      Thanks for your kind comment. I will pass this on to his fan group, too 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      Ronnie! If you’re on FB, come join us on Scott’s fanpage — Scott Joss Fan Appreciation Group — It’s so nice to share memories and stories with the fans – old and new alike! You just never know what is going to pop up! 🙂

  3. Tina Stapelfeldt says:

    Fine article, Donna 🙂 Congrats to Scott! Can we hear his fiddle on the album?

  4. Scott Joss says:

    Donna, Judy and I are sittin’ at one of our favorite breakfast places and just read this touching article…I am humbled and flattered by what you wrote…we both shed a few tears of gratitude and are amazed that anyone would care enough to say what you said here…thank you, so much…Scott Joss

    • Donna Clarke says:

      Hi Scott, truly an honour …

    • Peter Walsh says:

      Hi Scott since the first that I had any inkling of the lovely Donna Scott I have personally witnessed the kindness of spirit that is prevalent in her every action. I write a song or a poem here and there and she made an epic of each through her own online mag . . . by her own writing talent. She is selfless in her efforts and giving in all she writes and humble to the last but a very astute lady in recognising and appreciating the genius of creative writers talented musicians and genuine artists such as Kris Merle Scott Joss Chris Gantry Tom Ghent and sees a genuine article for what it is and who they are . . . It warms my heart and others I’m sure to see those she admires warmed by her efforts also. Keep the fiddle burning brother and the lyrics flowing and the big heart wide open Hope to see ya in Cork Marquee . . .

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