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In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Cpt. Kristoffer Kristofferson Hero

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Air Force Commendation Medal

walking contradiction, partly truth and partly (mostly) fiction

Kristofferson, The Pilgrom, Chapter 33

Kristoffer Kristofferson: Hero and Hellraiser

Kris Kristofferson, Hero – We don’t hear much about this aspect of Kris’ life. The man will always be a hellraiser when he is fighting for something he believes in. Every song he’s every written tell that story.

Kris Kristofferson Hero – Demo CD Playlist

The songs from the Demo CD playlist are Kristofferson’s expressions of freedom, life, hopes, dreams, acceptance, philosophy, anger, activism and everything that makes us human.

1. Me And Bobby McGee [5:12 minutes]
2. Please Don’t Tell Me How The Story Ends [3:19 minutes, with False Start]
3. Smile At Me Again [2:34 minutes] (lyrics above)
4. The Lady’s Not For Sale [3:45 minutes]
5. Border Lord [3:58 minutes]
6. Just The Other Side Of Nowhere [2:40 minutes]
7. Come Sundown [3:19 minutes]
8. Slow Down [2:29 minutes]
9. If You Don’t Like Hank Williams [1:50 minutes]
10. Little Girl Lost [3:23 minutes]
11. Duvalier’s Dream [2:31 minutes]
12. When I Loved Her [2:47 minutes]
13. Billy Dee [2:55 minutes]
14. Epitaph (Black And Blue) [3:25 minutes]
15. Enough For You [2:40 minutes] [with studio chatter]
16. Getting By, High, And Strange [4:57 minutes] [with False Starts & Dialogues]

1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15 and 16 are solo acoustic recordings, 3, 5, 8 and 12 are band recordings

The sound quality is a little rough on some tracks, but most of the acoustic demos are beautifully clear and amazingly free of recording glitches. The band material is good too and the occasional studio chatter and false starts lend a lovely intimacy to it all.

Mark Barry – Amazon Review

Minerva’s Magic

Minerva reminds us that Kristofferson – Hero – is an established fact. She ordered a CD of Kris’demo’s and was thrilled with the 60 paged enclosed booklet, crammed with the most interesting information and wonderful ‘photos. It also holds treasures. There’s original lyrics, comments from some of the greats like Dennis Hopper and Merle Haggard and Kris’ comments about his own songs add a final layer of intimacy.

These thoughts are shared by others

The booklet opens with interviews from Dennis Hopper, Kinky Friedman and Merle Haggard – then has a huge essay on the release by label-founder Michael Simmons which is followed by Kristofferson’s own dictated notes on every song (lyrics are provided, but the recording details are oddly sketchy). In-between all these words are loads of superb period photos – the young country singer with friends and like-minded musicians, hand-written lyric pages and even passport details… It’s one of the best presentations I’ve ever seen. – Mark Barry, Amazon Review

Please Don’t Tell Me How The Story Ends: The Publishing Demos 1968-72

This links to a UK site and is currently unavailable. There is an opportunity to buy the tracks as downloads or to add to your Wishlist. It’s included here for fan information and the comprehensive review.

Cpt. Kristoffer Kristofferson – Air Force Commendation Medal

With thanks to Minerva for reminding us about – Kristoffer Kristofferson Hero. The following text is taken from the booklet that comes with the Publishing Demos 1968-72 booklet.

Huey. Credit Eddie Maloney & Attributed CC

Cpt. Kristoffer Kristofferson, through his heroic efforts to help save the life of an Air Force officer injured in a parachuting accident near Mannheim, Germany, on 2 April 1965, distinguished himself by outstanding achievement. Cpt. Kristofferson was the pilot of a helicopter parked at the parachute landing zone. When he observed the accident about to happen, he quickly assessed the need for his services and positioned his aircraft for rapid boarding of the injured officer. After assisting in the loading of his passenger, he proceeded directly to Wiesbaden hospital where no helicopter landing facilities were available. Without regard for his own safety, he expertly guided his vehicle to the necessary landing area. Although it was surrounded by high trees and various other obstacles, he executed a precision approach and landed within a few feet of waiting medical personnel. The outstanding airmanship and humanitarian effort of Cpt. Kristofferson to save the life of another individual reflect credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of the United States.
There is no limit to what this man can do. Thank you for your service, Captain.

More about the Air Force Commendation Medal

Veteran of the Year 2003

Son of an army general joined the army went through OCS airborne training, ranger training was selected for special forces training but opted to go into helicopter training flying Huey gunships.

Kristofferson Hero, Icon, Gentleman.

Eleven Bravo Show #21


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