June 22, 2024

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In appreciation of the Silver Tongued Devil

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

Sam Peckinpah

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia: Movie 1974

Sam Peckinpah has been quoted as saying that this movie was the only one released as he had intended.  This low-budget film is probably the one that Kris has spoken about the most in many interviews over many years.

This film is notable because

    • It was low-budget
    • The film crew was almost totally Mexican
    • It caused a lot of ripples for Peckinpah, and for Kris by association, with the establishment
    • The film style favoured “one take” filming, using many angles
    • It was gritty, lacked polish u0026amp; felt real
    • Critics differ from rating it as everything from a masterpiece to an epic disaster

The bond that existed between Kris and Peckinpah will be as intricate as any human relationship.  Personally, based only what I might have read in the media and seeing Kris’ expression and body language change when Peckinpah is discussed, I think the kinship he had with Peckinpah stems from

    • Idealism.
    • The times.  The 70s were the era of self-awareness and people supported a higher purpose
    • Freedom.  Both of these artists valued creative freedom above almost everything
    • Destiny.  Both left the careers they were trained to follow their creative dreams
    • Supporting the underdog.  Kris has a long history of doing this and he continues to speak against injustice
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Sams Song by Kris Kristofferson

The lyrics of this song Kris wrote about Sam Peckinpah include the lines,

“He was our hero, boys, he took the bullet, but he went down swingin’ his fist from the floor
You can ask any working girl south of the border, Sam Peckinpah era un hombre for sure”


There is an insightful article about Peckinpah here

Other sources:

There are abundant sources to explore the opinions of this movie.  Wiki offers insight into the movie, u0026amp; I may add an interview clip later.  The picture is CC Lic , enhanced on Picassa, Credit Phillip Capper

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