Kris Kristofferson Personal – Life, Times, Places, Tales, Wins & Losses

Everybody deserves their privacy. This section is for anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else. Personal stories about Kris, his family & his friends or social group. The aim is not to intrude, but rather to provide an additional insight into the life & space of the legendary man we admire.

Kris & Elvis

Kris Kristofferson & Elvis Presley I knew about Elvis Presley long before I ever heard of Kris Kristofferson. Growing up ...
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Kris & Waylon

Kris Kristofferson & Waylon Jennings Waylon Jennings was lost to the world 15 years ago this month.  Kris often talks ...
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Kristofferson joined by Rita Coolidge 2015 follows tragedy

Kristofferson joined by Rita Coolidge  after his 30 October show in San Diego follows a tragic loss around a year ...
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