How did you become a Kris Kristofferson Fan?

Become a Kris Kristofferson Fan

Emily Gmitter asked, “How did you become a Kris Kristofferson fan?”

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Kathy Watson

I became a fan in 1976 after watching A STAR is Born. He has had my heart since then. Named my baby girl after him, Kristy and almost had her on Kris’ birthday. A day late, June 23. Lol I have seen him 2 times. Once with the Highway men and a few years ago in concert.

Charles R Malec

I first heard of Kris through others recording his music – Johnny Cash -Sunday Morning Coming Down, Sammi Smith – Help Me Make It Through the Night, Janis – Bobbie McGee (not exactly my favorite version.)

His writing struck the strongest chord for me and that has lasted to this day (45+ years)  I’ve seen him many times in concert, as recently as last year. Many good singer-songwriters out there, but for me, none better than Kris.

Joe Meneley

When I was a teenager my parents belonged to the Columbia records club. They sent them border lord. It was up to them to keep it or send back. They never opened it. One day I opened it and played it, I have been a fan ever since. I really love Burden of Freedom – Okay I love every song on that album.

We asked: Was that like a book club? You joined, & the book / item of the week or month came and you could keep it or send it back and not get billed? Inrigued as I never heard of record clubs —-

Joe replied: 

No it was the old Columbia Records club. You start the club by getting 8 or 10 free then they send you a record. You either keep it or send it back. If you don’t send it back they bill you. When the border lord sat there for months I opened it and played it, I was hooked. (Rereading your question it sounds just like you describe.)

Emily Gmitter

Part 2. Part one to follow…

Oh yes….saw them in Rhode Island in ’78 and even though they were on the verge of the actual break up then, they were smokin’ hot together…maybe even more so because of the impending major change in their lives. The sad in those duets were 1000x more sad and it showed. This was the concert where Kris signed my charcoal sketch of him (source, Easter Island album cover) and he wrote on it: “Thanks, Emily. Someday you may know how much this means to me.” I think he was referring to his feeling, in that sad time, a spot of “gladness” that someone would sketch his likeness. I think.

Kim Fay

My dad brought home a Kris 8-track when I was 6 years old (1972). My mom said,

“That man sounds like a frog.”

Then she saw what he looked like! No more criticism from her after that 😂We’ve all been fans ever since. I an honestly say that Kris has been the soundtrack to my life. What a talented man!!

Here’s a fun pic. A friend made me a purse using an image copied from a Kris album. After a concert, I had him sign it. I treasure it!!

My friend who makes purses usually uses original album covers, but I couldn’t bear to have mine cut up!!! I took it to a printer and they make a copy. I love carrying this purse. It always lets me know when there’s a Kris fan in the room 





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