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2017 March, Columbus –  Seeing Kristofferson Again was Heavenly – by Tiana Dreymor

Kris Kristofferson Helen Kiddle Autograph

Kris Kristofferson & Helen Kiddle

A Star is Born - the movie - is back in the headlines again. Helen Kiddle is a long time Kristofferson ...
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Kristofferson around the world

Best Fan Vids Around the World

Manchester, England - 2010 ...
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Lisa autograph

Moment of Forever – with Kris Kristofferson 2011

Kris Kristofferson has an amazing wife, Lisa. There is another Lisa - Lisa Wisnoski Robbins is a precious human and ...
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8 Track car cassette

Joe’s Mancave

Joe Jakubowski is a music fan. We like him because he has a lot of respect for Kris Kristofferson.  Kris ...
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Milan Gagic

Kris Kristofferson Sketches

Kris Kristofferson sketches - Art from the heart.  Milan Gagic captures Kris Kristofferson in his collection of sketches. It is ...
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Kristofferson European Tour Highlights

Kristofferson European Tour Highlights

Kris Kristofferson European Tour Highlights (2018) - The Alternative version Kris Kristofferson European Tour Highlights is a work in progress ...
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Kristofferson Nuremberg Joss Scott Tina Stapelfeldt

Kristofferson Nuremberg 2018 June 20th

Kris Kristofferson Nuremberg 2018 Kris Kristofferson Nuremberg 2018 took place on June 20th. The venue was the Serenadahof - A picturesque, ...
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Olympia Dublin Ireland

Kristofferson Dublin Ireland 2018

Kris Kristofferson Dublin Ireland 2018 Dublin, Ireland is a long time favourite place. Kristofferson, Dublin, Ireland is a great fit. It even ...
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Belfast Waterfront 2018

Kris Kristofferson : Belfast Waterfront 2018 The concert at the Belfast Waterfront 2018 was a friendly & warm event that ...
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Kristofferson Belfast 1995

Ulster Hall, Belfast, 1995

Kris Kristofferson Belfast 1995 Kris Kristofferson Belfast 1995 was part of a UK & ROI wide tour. He appeared at ...
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Basel, Switzerland

Kris Kristofferson Basel, 17 June 2018

Kris Kristofferson Euro Tour 2018 The long awaited Euro tour brought Kristofferson to Basel, Switzerland on 17 June. Kris Kristofferson ...
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Kris Kristofferson, Ireland (Dublin) 1982

Kris Kristofferson Ireland (Dublin) April 1982

Kris Kristofferson - Ireland, 1982 Note & pictures by Norman Nabney Kris Kristofferson, Ireland - There seems to be a ...
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Kristofferson Tour 2018 Sweden

Kris Kristofferson Tour 2018 Sweden

Kris Kristofferson Tour 2018 Sweden 9 June 2018 The European tour is off to a great start. Kris Kristofferson Tour ...
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Kris Kristofferson Tour 2018

Kris Kristofferson Tour 2018 – Essen, Germany 13 June 2018

Kris Kristofferson Tour 2018 - Europe Kris Kristofferson Tour 2018 is well underway. The audience at the gig in Germany ...
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European Tour 2012

Kris Kristofferson Tour 2012

Kris Kristofferson Tour 2012 Kris Kristofferson Tour 2012 (Europe) was different to the previous tour. The songs were softer somehow ...
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Kris jams with Merle’s band

Kris Kristofferson Jamming with Merle's band Kris Kristofferson toured extensively with Merle Haggard. There is a lovely article here about ...
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Kris Kristofferson Private Collection

Private Collection - by Kris Kristofferson Fans  Gérard Leblanc ...
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Who loves Kris Kristofferson?

A site for fans, by fans. Contribute. If it fits, we'll post it. Kris Kristofferson Lovers Kris Kristofferson lovers are ...
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Kris & Boris

Legend & legacy. Both of these words are often used in articles about Kris, & I hate them anew every ...
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Black & White

Kris Kristofferson Black & White

Kris by M C Roed - Photographer Photographer Marc Roed took some photographs of Kris Kristofferson last year in Denmark ...
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