Fans Speak

Kris Kristofferson Fans Speak Out Kris Kristofferson has opinions – Strong ones. Some of his fans do, too. We have asked them for their thoughts on a few topics. What do Kris Kristofferson fans think about ….  The Star is Born remake  Agree? Disagree? Tell us.      …about Kris’ hangouts & Haunts My brother-in-law lives in Austin and I remember many years ago when we were there with him we went to Threadgill’s and he told me the history of it and Janis. I do not know if it is still there but he said,  “Come here a minute because I have to show you something …”  In one of the back rooms was a portrait and there was a sheet over it. He picked it up and it was a portrait of Janis in a pretty revealing see-through top –   it was just beautiful. I imagine the picture was covered up at the time because it was being advertised just like home cooking in a family restaurant.  I have no idea where it is now in the restaurant or even if it’s still there. Great food by the way!!!  Sheila Tatar     Checkout our Pics & Vids & Our Fan Mail  Featured image is CC & Attributed