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  1. Sean says:

    I love Chris and hope this site really takes off.

  2. kriskris says:

    Thanks, Sean. We will do our best 🙂

  3. Hatch says:

    Much like you, technology is more than a bit mystifying to me also. That being said I want to first thank you for a great kindness you paid my friends and I many years ago when you invited all of us back stage after your performance at the New York Philharmonic. It was a very unique experience sharing a bottle of Teacher’s Scotch and talking baseball with Al Kooper till the sun came up. Thank you.

    Fast forward to the present and the real reason why I’m writing. Right now Kris one of my oldest buddies and one of your oldest fans is struggling for his life in a rehab center in NY . It’s not Possum Kris it’s C. M. Sorry to be so cryptic. I hope you can make the connection. His condition is grave. He’s very weak, and sure could use a word of encouragement from someone who, like him, also possess as deep an appreciation for the written word as you do. So if your amenable, and if your schedule allows, I’d be happy to provide contact information but only through regular mail or via my email. He’s a fiercely private person that would probably get very annoyed with me for doing this and would go postal on me if your relationship with him ever became public. Our old friend is a lot of things, however cooperative is not one of them.

    Maybe this will make it a bit clearer as to whom I referring to. One night when you and your band were performing at Max’s Kansas City in NYC. He, in a wheelchair, and I attended the performance. When we arrived the doorman ask our names. By coincidence our friend and a NYC police officer that suffer a gun shot wound, which rendered him a paraplegic, shared the same last name. Thinking he was that officer they ushered us to a table right in front of the stage. You and Donny arrived with the rest of band and came by our table, and for a few minutes we all chatted it up, you only pausing to take the time to pose for pictures with one pretty girl after another. Then the manger came storming up waving his finger in our friend’s face saying he was no cop and demanded we give up our front row seats. You told him that we were to stay where we were and to set up another front row table to accommodate the wounded officer. Thanks again . We followed you around a lot back in those days Kris. The Saratoga paper once referred to us not as your groupies back as your dirties.

    Hoping this all somehow makes some sense


    • kriskris says:

      Dear Hatch,

      Thank you so very much for sharing your memories of happier times. The rest of your message was both troubling and touching. I am not in direct contact with Kris at all, but I have taken the liberty of forwarding your words to his manager who is.

      I am not able to make any promises other than that this will be forwarded tonight, but I wish you the best of luck & truly hope that the current situation improves.

      Kind regards,


      • Hatch says:

        Hi Donna,

        Thank you for forwarding my post to Kris’s manager. Unfortunately, since my 10/05 posting our old friend Cuddy passed away. He was a major fan of Kris’s work and most proud to have known him.

        Just a few words about the sad events of the eleventh of November 2016,

        This past Friday my fifty year friendship with Cuddy Murray came almost literally full circle back to the very spot where it had begun. From the window of the restaurant where the celebration of his life brought together so many of his closest friends, I could easily see the place where our happy, often befuddling, and sometimes cantankerous association had commenced.

        In true Darwinian fashion it actually crawled out of the water, and up on to the sand to begin a fifty year evolution that took the both of us from a casual introduction on a summer’s day, to achieving the status of crabby old buddies.

        Fifty years ago a Good Samaritan towed us in after a disastrous sailing journey on a Styrofoam vessel that barely qualified as a boat. It was basically an over grown deli coffee cup that would easily get swamped in anything other than dead calm seas and could actually dissolve in an oil slick if it were to encounter one.. Our Savior could not take the boat all the way into the shore so we had to swim the last sixty or seventy yards to the beach. I asked Cuddy if he could make it in from there. He mumbled something that sounded like yes and jumped in. Then the rest of us jumped in after him. But no sooner did he hit the water when it became obvious that he was having trouble. I called over to him, “are you OK”? He answered “a, I don’t think so” and slipped out of sight under the water. I managed to get over to him and get him back up to the surface and then eventually back on shore.

        It’s an old story that’s been told many times over the years, and always with varying degrees of accuracy. But the eleventh of November 2016 caused me to look back at that day, fifty years past, a little differently, It occurred to me at the reception that if I were to add my fifty years of friendship with Cuddy to, lets say Paul’s fifty plus years and then that to Jasper’s or to Jerry Lapre’ or Pasca’s or Neil’s or Moose’s (don’t forget what I told you Moose) or the Caddies. Or all the people in the Landing that knew him, or all those from that old rundown bar by the railroad tracks, who called him friend. I’m sure that in a matter of minutes you could easily come up with a figure far in excess of several millennia of friendship that everyone at the reception shared with this one good man.

        A couple of stories come to mind, that for me, define what it was to be a friend of Cuddy’s.

        Many years ago Bill Tull, Cuddy and I were attending, our equally old friend Jerry Lapre’s wedding in Colorado. We were all together in a van being driven by Tom, a friend of Jerry’s from Virginia. Billy and Cuddy wound up getting into a loud argument, over what, I couldn’t tell you. After listening to the two of them go at it for several miles, Tom, nervously leans over to me and asked “what do you think would happen if those two had guns”? It wasn’t always easy to be Cuddy’s friend.

        When my Father lay dying in Glen Cove hospital I was sitting at his bed side holding his hand for the last hours of his life. When the final moments of his existence drained out of him I got up to go tell the nurses that he was gone. I can’t tell you how alone I felt at that moment. How much I needed someone to be with me. My father’s room was one door away from the elevator and as I stepped out into the hallway it’s doors opened and who do you think came rolling out. Take a guess. It wasn’t always easy to be Cuddy’s friend but it was always worth it.

        My old friend loved many things. He was a loving man. He loved the English language. The written word was very important to him. He loved his old dog Deutsa. He lived and died on every pitch with his beloved Yankees. He loved all his Nieces and Nephews. But for his brother Paul, his sister Susan Murray and the Clara Barton of our time Jane Murray. For those three he held a very special and very deep affection like no other.

        So if you should find yourself in the company of friends of Cuddy’s. Or even if your alone. Raise a glass in toast. To Gerald T. Murray, aka Frank Allen, aka Coach, aka CUDDY. You brought us joy. Well done old friend. Well done.


  4. Paul says:

    I’m new here, but not to Kris. Saw him in Minneapolis Saturday, Jan. 14. Is there a place I can post my review?

    • kriskris says:

      Hi Paul, and welcome. I am sorry for the delayed reply, I have had some health issues but am back in the saddle. Your review would be most welcome. I am sure we can put it under Latest news 🙂

      If you would like to email it me at bloggermelive@gmail.com I will get it posted. I look forward to reading it.

      Great to hear from you,



  5. sarahsingsong says:

    Hey, check out this lovely story told by one of Kris’s producers – http://www.thevintagemusician.com/laughter-made-kris-kristoffersons-record-magical-fred-mollin/

  6. Nanci ward says:

    Hi kris,
    My name is Nanci and I work with a wonderful women Cheryl who is a nurse and grandmother as I. Cheryl is taking her grandson “David “,to us concert at Shipshewana on may 20th,2017. This little boy is 13 and absolutely loves u. I am so excited for them to have this opertunity truly believe god is helping to make this happen because it was just a fluke she came accross ur concert in time to go. Her grandson even dressed up as u for a school thing. His favorite movie is “convoy “and he would be so over the moon if u could sing it a small part of it . I personally have always loved you may god bless u and ur family.just thought I would let u know that u still rock with a new generation. Thank you for your time I know you are extremely busy. If you could just drop me a couple of words letting me know you did read this.i won’t feel so foolish.

    • kriskris says:

      Hi Nanci,
      Thank you for your kind message. This is a fan site, but I will try to pass this on should the opportunity arise. I cannot promise more than that, but I really hope you have a great time at the concert. Drop us a line & let us know how it went if you have the time?

  7. Bill T says:

    Good afternoon, Donna ! Just had a question regarding Kris’s song lineup for the tour he is currently undertaking. I rarely hear or see his song “Under The Gun” mentioned and thought how appropriate it would be for him to perform that one more often now than ever before. Or perhaps he is still playing that one and I am simply not aware of it ? Could be, seeing how many things seem to go by me these days 🙂 Anyway, nice site you all got here and I wish you the best in it’s future and all that you do, Thanks, Donna

    • kriskris says:

      Hello Bill, great to hear from you. The last setlist I have seen is from 8 April, & you are right – Under the Gun is not on it. I am sure some accommodation had to be made for the band, but I fully agree that this powerful song is more relevant today than ever before. I will certainly keep an eye open as I am expecting it to make a comeback. Thank you so much for your kind words about the site 🙂 Hope to catch up with you again soon. PS: Well spotted on the song……

  8. Bill T says:

    Good afternoon, Donna and many thanks for your timely response ! I must say I was pleasantly surprised 🙂 So…. it’s not my imagination that “Under The Gun” has been on the back burner of his set list, hmmmm.. I agree with you on it making a comeback and hope it happens soon ! I will be seeing him play at the Colonial Theatre in Keene, New Hampshire Tuesday night (May 2) and will post you some notes on the performance which I am sure will be exceptional as always !

  9. Bill T says:

    Good morning all ! Well, Kris came and he performed wonderfully . By now , he has more than likely setup camp at his next stop in Boston, MA. but my comments are all about his time spent briefly in the city of Keene, New Hampshire.
    The Colonial Theatre is a reasonably sized venue of some antiquity and was well packed last night. Once seated, I noticed the stage immediately and saw a single mike stand and a few monitors present which indicated that he would in fact be doing a solo act tonight. No band this time and my question as to why he has backed off playing “Under The Gun” was answered. As he himself was quoted as saying, “Playing with the band is more fun”, I also knew that “Under The Gun” was a piece best played with the band ! He could no doubt perform it “unplugged” but I believe it would have lost a bit of the energy in the translation. After all, it is a bit of a kick butt number when played with the band.
    Needless to say, Kris still nailed it as expected ! This gifted performer is still a force to be reckoned with even at 80 years of age and clearly, there is no slowing down for him.
    His age has only enhanced his performance in that his songs seemed to have taken on new meanings at time. His gritty voice is etched with experience, wisdom and soul that can only be authenticated by one who has actually been there. Like a tired, stubborn old warrior, he keeps marching on. I was amazed how Kris could stand in one spot for an hour straight while pounding out his songs one after the other with only a brief “Thank you” after each one. I was half expecting him to at least be sitting on a stool while he performed but this is one ol soldier who stands at attention for his audience. Someone in the audience shouted out “Thank you for your service” which was met with approval from the audience as well and I thought, yeah, in more ways than one !
    What was particularly sweet was how during several songs , the audience could be heard singing along some of the lines with him in a gentle, supporting way which just seemed to add a nice touch of “unofficial” backup for him. They did not overwhelm or distract from Kris’s performance but added that special feeling of adoration for the artist.
    If there was any disappointment on my part, it was only that his dialog with the audience was somewhat limited as I have always been a fan of simply listening to him speak and tell stories of his past. He did manage to share one with us that made everyone laugh. He certainly does have a gift for story telling as well 🙂
    All things said, Kris has once again proven his talents to be varied and exceptional and “inspiring” to at the very least, myself.
    Thank you Kris, from the bottom of my heart and God Bless you…. You old “Son of a bitch” !

  10. Cheryl S. says:

    Hello. I am the grandmother Cheryl that has the 13 year old grandson David that prior comment from nanci ward was speaking of. We did go to the concert in shipshiwana on May 20th. Was lucky enough that a very special person was able to arrange for my grandson to meet Kris. He was not only able to meet him, he got to hug him, shake his hand, and talk with him for a few. I will forever be thankful that this person was able to make this happen for my grandson. Prior to him even finding out I was taking him to the concert he had sat down and wrote Kris a six page letter and put two pictures in it that we sent away to the fan club. This week we received one of the pictures back with a little note written on it. The other picture I am hoping that they kept it with the six page letter he wrote him. He also got something signed by him when he met him. Hopefully the letter he wrote him will actually find its way into his hands so that he will be able to read it.. My grandson signs the song Convoy quite often for the kids and teachers at his school.. He loves everything about Kris. He also realizes that he was lucky enough to get to meet one of country music’s greatest icons. Some thing he will never forget.

    • kriskris says:

      Hi Cheryl, lovely to hear from you. I am so pleased your evening went off so well and that David had some special time with Kris. Every gig is so special in its own way and artists, just like us, surely have days when they just feel more upbeat and invincible than others. Children are special too, & I enjoy hearing about young fans 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to share with us …. Kind regards, Donna

  11. Carl says:

    I have listened to your song why me Lord tonight I listened to it again and it touched me so deep I have now turned myself over to the Lord just wanted to say thank you

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